AmeriDeck Installation Instruction Slide Show

AmeriDeck Installation Instructions Slide Show

Click Here or on the picture above to se a slide show of an AmeriDeck Installation.
The AmeriDeck™ system can easily be installed in about two hours. After the initial installation of the lift arm, the system can be quickly removed and remounted. The decks are all detachable and interchangeable which allows for a wide variety of commercial and recreational uses. The system can lift 2,500 lbs. and is available with many options ranging from jet ski cradles to special decks for hauling Can Ams.

Loading can be done from ground level with the AmeriDeck™ System, saving your back and your time.

For more information on the AmeriDeck™ Loading System call 888-311-0867 for immediate assistance or visit

Click Here to request a quote on an AmeriDeck™ System.


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