Truck Cap for AmeriDeck

“AmeriDeck™ Announces New Service Cap Attachment” 

AmeriDeck Service Cap

Inside of Service Cap

March 1, 2010 (Hadley, PA) – AmeriDeck™ is proud to announce a new attachment for the ChoreMaster™, the AmeriDeck™ Service Cap. Now you can keep items out of the weather while safely loading and unloading them at the job site. The body can securely hold up to 2,000 lbs. of ladders, tools, and materials. The Service Cap can be loaded into the back of your truck from ground level in 35 seconds. Contractors and Landscapers can haul tools to the jobsite, drop the body on the ground and go. Additionally, the smooth sides are great for company logos and phone numbers. A variety of colors and door options are available, to allow for customization based on your needs. 

AmeriDeck Contractors Service Cap

Loading can be done from ground level with the AmeriDeck™ System, saving your back and your time. Reminder: The cost of one workers back strain would buy 2 AmeriDeck™ Systems. Basis: PA Insurance Comp. Rating Bureau 2008 

For more information on the AmeriDeck™ Loading System call 888-311-0867 for immediate assistance or visit Limited distributor opportunities are still available. 


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