New 2,500 lb. Capacity Rating

“AmeriDeck™ Announces 2,500 lb Load Limit”


March 1, 2010 (Hadley, PA) – AmeriDeck™ is proud to announce that due to internal design improvements and rigorous testing the system is now rated at a 2,500 lb. lifting capacity. The 2010 AmeriDeck™ systems will lift 2,500 lbs. (center loaded) from ground level into the back of your truck in under a minute.

Loading can be done from ground level with the AmeriDeck™ System, saving your back and your time. Reminder: The cost of one workers back strain would buy 2 AmeriDeck™ Systems. Basis: PA Insurance Comp. Rating Bureau 2008

For more information on the AmeriDeck™ Loading System call 888-311-0867 for immediate assistance or visit Limited distributor opportunities are still available.

* This does not mean that your truck can carry 2,500 lbs. Never exceed the manufacturer’s GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of your truck.


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