NTEA: The Work Truck Show – Part 2

The NTEA Work Truck Show is almost here!

Well we are a week out from the start of the show at the America’s Center/Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis and things are being finalized all over the shop. Final touches are being applied to the truck chassis, show materials are gathered and soon the trucks will be loaded and ready to hit the road.

It has been some time since we showed off a completely new product at a national trade show, but we are excited about what response we might get from those in the truck equipment industry. This product builds on what we have done in the past with Switch-N-Go and AmeriDeck and continues to bring efficiency and flexibility to the truck equipment industry.

As we mentioned before, the system will be sitting on a new 2010 Dode Ram chassis and we can’t wait to share it with you all. When people attend The Work Truck show many times they see new products or prototypes of things to come. This system, like our other products, is run with an electric-over-hydraulic pump so people at the show will actually be able to see it work.

In addition to this new product we have information for both end-users and distributors regarding improvements to components, products and our warranty plans. Be sure to stop by Booth 2998 for all of the latest information regarding our products. See you at the show!

Deist Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of both detachable and stationary truck bodies as well as detachable truck body systems. Their product lines include Bucks Fabricating, Switch-N-Go and AmeriDeck.


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