We here at Deist Industries are proud to be members of the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA). We believe the NTEA provides great services both to distributors and manufacturers of truck equipment. From the prospective of a manufacturer, we value their input on what current industry trends are and the expertise they provide while we are developing products. Additionally, they put on some amazing events throughout the year be it the economic summit or measuring events when new truck chassis are available they are a great link for all businesses in this industry, particularly small businesses. They allow us small businesses to have access to information related to the industry that we would not normally have access to and they provide training at reasonable costs so that we can keep our workforce up to date on the latest requirements and regulations within the industry.

They also have the Member Verification Program (MVP) that is available to both distributor and manufacturer members. While there are subtle differences between the two programs for distributors and manufacturers, the results are the same. If you see that the company you are considering working with is an NTEA MVP you can proceed with confidence.

NTEA MVPs must meed certain standards to be part of the program. They must have quality standards throughout their entire processes from order taking to delivery and have those processes supported with checklists. They must have a certain level of liability insurance and have safety standards for both their company and their products. These companies must have a qualified production or installation staff that hold certifications related to their business. Bottom line is that while companies do not need to meet these specifications to produce or install truck equipment, but the companies that do have a MVP status with the NTEA give customers and industry partners confidence that they are working with a good company that will stand behind their work.

With everyone watching their spending even more currently, having that extra bit of certainty helps put people at ease when making an investment in truck equipment.

Deist Industries is the manufacturer of the Switch-N-Go and AmeriDeck products and is an MVP with the NTEA. See our latest offerings this March at the NTEA: Work Truck Show in St. Louis. We will be debuting new products that bring a new level of versatility to the industry, be sure to visit us at booth 2998 near Stellar Industries, Hino, Nissan and Toyota.


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