New truck equipment at NTEA 2010

Our company is thrilled to be be working on a new product for the truck industry.  We realize that not a lot of companies or government entities have the ability to invest in new equipment at the current time.  That said, those that do have the ability to invest right now want to get the most out of their investment.  Over the past seven years we have been investing in the development of efficient, cost saving truck equipment starting with the Switch-N-Go detachable truck body system, which brought the concept of interchangeable truck bodies to medium duty truck chassis that has been well established for decades with the heavy lifting roll-off trucks of the waste industry and the well engineered hook lift systems.  More recently we purchased the AmeriDeck product line and invested in rebuilding a great concept of changeable decks that allow users to load up to 2,000 lbs into the back of their conventional pick-up truck.

Since entering into the truck equipment marketplace we have continued to listen to what our distributors and customers have told us.  We have used this information continue adding features to our existing products as well as using them to look at new product solutions that we could develop and bring to market. Our latest product will bring a lot to all levels of truck users both those who use a pick-up and those that enjoy the flexibility and extra strength that typically come with a bare chassis.

Built on the principals of Switch-N-Go and the simplicity of AmeriDeck this new system brings another cost effective solution to the truck equipment market.  Come see it debut on a newRam chassis!  Look for us in booth 2998 in the America’s Center we are closely located to chassis manufacturers Hino, Nissan & Toyota as well as hook lift and manufacturer Stellar Industries.  For information on the show check out NTEA or give us a call at 1-888-311-0867.

We would love to talk to you about your trucks and what solutions are available to help your business or department run more efficiently by getting more out of your trucks.  Detachable truck body systems come in all shapes and sizes to suit your truck equipment needs, all of them will help you get more out of your trucks.  Whether our products are right for your situation or another product is best for you we will be glad to help in your decision making process.


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