AmeriDeck Case History 74- Mowing Service

Tractor Loading with AmeriDeck

Tractor Loading with AmeriDeck

“I can’t say enough about this system!  I’m looking forward to purchasing another system in the near future!”  

Dan Knight from Worcester Lawn Mower Service says that his work days became easier when he purchased the SuperDeck last September.  Dan uses the system for hauling tractors and lawn mowers to the job site.  Before he purchased the system, his employees would spend a great deal of time loading/unloading equipment, and loading always required two men. “Now we are on the job and working in a matter of minutes!  My employees love the system because there are no ramps to move, and we can haul a number of hand tools along with the mowers.”

Dan says the best feature is the ability to detach and leave the SuperDeck at one job site with his crew, allowing him to be able to travel to another job site.  At the end of the day he can return and pick up the SuperDeck without needing assistance to reload his truck.  This saves Dan and his crew time and money.  In the winter months, Dan enjoys that the SuperDeck systems helps a great deal in heavy snow because he does not have to tow a trailer and that makes finding limited parking a breeze.

Dan Knight

Worcester Lawn Mower Service

Oxford, MA

The AmeriDeck Hydraulic loading system is the smart solution to increase the versatility and utilization of your pickup. This one-of-a-kind system makes it possible for a full-size pickup to load heavy equipment and cargo from the ground and onto the truck bed with simple push-button operation. Four deck styles are available, including a dump bed variation. The system features a 2,000 lb. loading capacity and all four decks are detachable and interchangeable. You can also load and unload without removing your trailer hitch, enabling you to tow while still hauling a load in the bed of your truck. All AmeriDeck lift arms and decks are powder-coated for increased durability and installation is simple, taking only 2 hours. Call 1-888-311-0867 or visit Dealer inquiries are invited.



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2 responses to “AmeriDeck Case History 74- Mowing Service

  1. Hi Dan,

    I have never seen these loading decks before, they looks really useful. When I was contracting, I always used a trailer, this seems a much more practical idea, especially when moving smaller machines around ans presumably you can carry smaller tools underneath. Do you know if these loading decks are available in the United Kingdom?


    Roy Bretton

    • mbwilson


      Thanks for the comment! We export AmeriDeck products throughout the world and would be pleased to give you a call later this week to discuss your applications and what trucks you have available in the UK. We will send you an email with further details.

      Take care,


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