AmeriDeck Case History #73- Landscaping Applications

Go Green Lawn and Landscaping- AmeriDeck ChoreMaster

“Overall, we really love the system and it is such a benefit to our employees and company.”  

Dave Oshust from Go-Green Lawn & Landscaping says that his company uses the ChoreMaster everyday for a variety of uses.  They use the system to haul tools, wheelbarrows, lawn tractors and debris.  He states that his employees just love the system and they believe it is a “back saver”.  At the end of the day, they are not working their backs by loading their equipment up into the back of a truck – they use the ChoreMaster body as a drop box and load everything at ground level.

In addition to the benefits of loading up at the end of the day, they use it to load and unload sand, mulch and debris at ground level.  Dave also comments on the how the AmeriDeck system saves his company money.  The use less fuel by using the pickup truck vs. their larger truck and the system saves a lot of “tear and wear” on their pickup truck.

Dave Oshust

Wednesday August 1, 2007

Go-Green Lawn & Landscaping

Portage-La-Prairie, MB Canada

The AmeriDeck Hydraulic loading system is the smart solution to increase the versatility and utilization of your pickup. This one-of-a-kind system makes it possible for a full-size pickup to load heavy equipment and cargo from the ground and onto the truck bed with simple push-button operation. Five deck styles are available, including a dump bed variation. The system features a 2,000 lb. loading capacity and all four decks are detachable and interchangeable. You can also load and unload without removing your trailer hitch, enabling you to tow while still hauling a load in the bed of your truck. All AmeriDeck lift arms and decks are powder-coated for increased durability and installation is simple, taking only 2 hours. Call 1-888-311-0867 or visit Dealer inquiries are invited.  


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