AmeriDeck Case History 72- Landscaping

NB Products Choremaster with Stakes

NB Products Choremaster with Stakes

“I think the AmeriDeck hydraulic loading system is the greatest thing since sliced bread”

We are a landscaping company who saw the system at a trade show and had to have it. We have both the SuperDeck and ChoreMaster decks which we use to haul all sorts of things. We have hauled sod, mulch, topsoil, various debris, equipment, generators, lumber and granite slabs. We even hauled a piano for my church.

The system makes loading so much easier because you can do it at ground level. This is a huge benefit because you don’t have to lift weight up above your head. Another benefit of the system we noticed is the preservation of your truck bed. We recently loaded about 2,000 feet of barbed wire fencing that had been torn down. If I had to load that into my pickup bed without the AmeriDeck to load it for me, my bed would have been trashed. Honestly, I think the AmeriDeck hydraulic loading system is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We have even been able to customize our SuperDeck for hauling cargo which is difficult to tie down such as lumber. We designed a removable cargo containment gate with barn doors which fits into the side rails where our extendable/removable landing wheels belong.

Jim Maxey

Nature’s Best Landscaping

Davidsonville, MD

The AmeriDeck Hydraulic loading system is the smart solution to increase the versatility and utilization of your pickup. This one-of-a-kind system makes it possible for a full-size pickup to load heavy equipment and cargo from the ground and onto the truck bed with simple push-button operation. Four deck styles are available, including a dump bed variation. The system features a 2,000 lb. loading capacity and all four decks are detachable and interchangeable. You can also load and unload without removing your trailer hitch, enabling you to tow while still hauling a load in the bed of your truck. All AmeriDeck lift arms and decks are powder-coated for increased durability and installation is simple, taking only 2 hours. Call 1-888-311-0867 or visit Dealer inquiries are invited.


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