AmeriDeck Case History 92 – Motorcycle Towing


Paul Confer with his AmeriDeck truck loading system

Paul Confer with his AmeriDeck truck loading system




“The less you touch a customer’s bike, the better”

 “When I go to pick up a bike with my AmeriDeck, I have a very professional looking system vs. just a couple of ramps. Another nice thing about the system, that customers love, is that there is very little handling of the bike. The less you touch a customer’s bike the better. Before I had the AmeriDeck system I had to push the bike up ramps and I had to sit on the bike to strap it down. Now, I just push the bike on to the deck and into the wheel chalk and I strap it down. The AmeriDeck is so easy to use and it is very professional looking to my customers. I call it my Shock and Awe, because the customers are speechless when they see the system work and impressed when they observe how easy it is to run.

          I use the system about 4 times per week and I have towed everything from regular motorcycles to choppers. I went from pushing a bike up a ramp to rolling it on a deck that is laying flat on the ground, so physically it is so much easier to use.”

  Paul Confer
Confer Motorcycle Transport

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CMT Ewa Beach HI


The AmeriDeck Loading System is the smart solution to increase the versatility and utilization of your full- size pickup truck. With push-button operation and the ability to load at ground level, the AmeriDeck system is making it easier than ever for one person to load and unload their equipment. Visit or call 1-888-311-0867 for more details. All AmeriDeck lift arms and decks are powder-coated for increased durability. Call 1-888-311-0867 or visit Dealer inquiries are invited.


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